It’s no secret that one of the first things people notice is your smile. It’s also well known that we only get one chance to make a positive first impression so whether you’re smiling or not will set the stage for how others view you. The impact that your smile provides to others can be a gateway to your inclination for confidence and success.

It’s been said that people with healthy gums and teeth tend to smile more, appear more intelligent, and have a higher self-confidence. In fact, a bright smile is something to admire and a valued trait by most cultures. Also, many people believe that a person with healthy teeth and gums typically has better overall health and wellness.

At Riverside Dental Care, we are committed to your oral health, and our goal is to give you a reason to smile. As Cambridge’s oldest dental practice, we are proud to provide the residents of Cambridge, Tirau, and the surrounding areas with top quality dental care. It’s a great honour to continue to serve our existing patients and their families, and we are thrilled to be considered the neighbourhood dental clinic in Tirau.

Increase your Enjoyment of Food at the Dentist in Tirau

While most people know that poor oral hygiene may lead to tooth decay, gum problems, and bad breath, many still never make it to the dentist regularly. This lack of care can cause health issues as well as make it difficult to enjoy the simple things in life such as drinking cold or hot liquids or eating their favourite foods. When someone’s teeth are decayed, or their bite is out of alignment, eating food can be an arduous task.

Dentists serve as the soldiers against common oral health issues. Routine dental care can help you avoid the health pitfalls that correspond with poor dental health. When you come to us for your routine dental examination, we will check for any possible tooth decay, and our reliable and gentle dental hygienists will evaluate your overall oral health. We will also examine your bite to determine any potential chronic health issues.

Neighbourhood Dental Practice in Tirau Offers Top Quality Dental Care

For 14 years, Riverside Dental Care and Dr Barbara Cater have been providing Tirau residents with exceptional dental services. Our dental practice offers many services to include crowns, bridges, implants, cosmetic dentistry, hygiene therapy, orthodontics, children’s dentistry, ACC consults, root canal therapy, endodontics, and tooth whitening.

We offer a general family dentistry practice and aim to operate at the highest level possible. Our focus remains to provide exceptional service to our patrons and create an exceptional environment and positive patient experience.

When you want a comfortable, family-friendly dental clinic, we are here for you. Dr Cater brings over 40 years of dentistry industry experience to each case and offers her dental clients an innovative approach to dentistry.

We gear our personalised care towards your well-being. We will work with you to determine the best course of treatment for your situation and create a unique protocol to help you reach your optimal dental health.