Where to Go When You Need a Tooth Crown in Te Awamutu

Someone has suggested that you may need a tooth crown. Te Awamutu dentists won’t recommend a tooth crown unless it is absolutely necessary, but you may still be wondering whether a crown is right for you.

There are many reasons a dentist may suggest a crown for your teeth. These include cosmetic, constructive and oral health purposes. In most instances, a crown will help your teeth in many ways, something that may be surprising as it’s a fairly simple procedure.

Reasons for a Tooth Crown

  • Broken Tooth: Often, a crown is used to reconstruct a broken tooth.
  • Root Canal: You might also use a crown after root canals or when a tooth has had a large filling.
  • Tooth Stability: Crowns can help to bring stability back to the tooth as well as to surrounding teeth, something that is important for preventing shifting and for keeping the bone of the jaw healthy.

You may choose to receive a tooth crown from Te Awamutu dentists for cosmetic purposes as well. This is often the case when you have issues with your front teeth. Small chips or cracks on the front teeth can be difficult to repair, but with a tooth crown, a dentist can restore the appearance of the tooth and your smile.

If you think that you may need a tooth crown, you can contact our dental team at Riverside Dental Care to speak to a member of our staff or schedule an appointment. Dr Cater has over forty years of experience and is always happy to work with patients to find the best solution for their dental needs.